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The Cephalopoda: Queen of the Arctic

November 17th, 2022

Advance: before we get into this short story, it might be of interest to the reader, I know it was for me, that the Polar Ice Cap, at the North Pole has not been explored for the most part, due to the Cold War, which of course ended more than a decade ago, nonetheless, it remains, by and large, uncultivated. Now having said that let me say: biodiversity of species were always known to decline in numbers when going into colder areas, which to the scientist seemed reasonable. But again, I need to say, humanoids have not researched this area a great deal, in fear of conflict with other nations, thus comes into view this story.

I was in the Arctic in l996, Barrow, Alaska when the hotel, front desk clerk, told me fragments of a story – her husband would tell me the rest. Her husband was a pilot for an oil company up there, and they actually brought me back some sea shells one afternoon, having told Jackie the night before: I wondered how they’d look, meaning, were they the same in the Arctic as in the lower parts of the world, or the lower forty-eight, as they say up in Alaska. It was amazing to see the diversity of these shells. But let me not stray off the premise too much of this short and peculiar story – yet diversity is a key word.

The Story

As I was about to say, I was introduced to a creature beyond my imagination, I call it [for lack of a better name other than squid or octopus], “The Arctic Cephalopoda Queen.”

Jackie, being a Oceanographer – when not a clerk at the hotel, and her husband being a Zoologist [Henry] – in his spare time, also a pilot, and myself being a Licensed Counselor, and part time Tourist Archeologist, I became quite interested in what they had to say and show. But before I go too far, let me add: they had been working on an archeological site, some three-hundred miles from Barrow, finding skulls, and bones of the tribal people of that area for sometime. I got to look at the pictures of some of these artifacts by one of the diggers, but they would not let me go to the site in fear I might open it up to other tourists. That was a while ago: and the newspapers confirmed they did find the site, and so this story they told me, gave mine more credence, which I’m going to tell you.

As far fetched as this may sound, I will try with heart and soul to tell it as it came to me: one night while sitting at the Top of the World Hotel.

Incidentally, the North Slope paper, published one of my articles, of which the find of the skull and bones were in; they did put them all back–, back in place where they found them, buried them as they had been found, and laid for thousands of years.

So here is how they explained the happening, or origin of the creature to me, and its description. Now I do not know that much about astrology, or the planet system, I only know what I’ve saw through my telescopes and read in my books, and yes, I’ve done a little hands on research, but not much: said Henry to me, with a cautious voice, as if he should or shouldn’t show me the picture, and then tell me the story, yet he did pull out the picture, and started with the story (putting the picture back in his pocket, for same keeping, I’m sure: